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Dr. Rivera is a lifelong urban practitioner who is in his fifth decade of service to the church and broader community. Leveraging his years of boots on the ground experience coupled with earning seminary master and doctoral degrees in urban studies, Dr. Rivera is a valued and sought after leadership development resource to the church, corporate, and civic worlds.


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In today's episode we discuss the importance of spiritual disciplines for our personal growth and development. I define spiritual disciplines and explain their value and significance. Join me as we explore the transformative power of spiritual disciplines for our lives today!

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Two important developments that will likely impact future election cycles. First, former President Trump retained the Berkeley Research Group to investigate and prove that it was massive election fraud that caused him to lose the presidential election in 2020. After completing their research work, the firm reported back to the former President and his team that they had carefully looked at every possible scenario for massive voter fraud and found nothing.

The second development was the interesting fair election idea proposed by Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for Governor of Arizona. Lake has repeatedly denied the results of the election, which she lost to the democrat Katie Hobbs. Kari Lake suggests that, “…the ranks of Congress, the Senate, I think a White House, I think all the state governorships would be Republican if elections were fair”. It seems that Lake’s idea of a fair election is one where only Republicans win. Lake is proposing a new form of democracy where election outcomes are pre-determined by the election system before any votes are cast.

Being a loser might be difficult for some to accept, but it our form of government, the will of the people is supposed to determine who governs. It is clear that even with intentional voter suppression efforts nationwide, the American voters is much more mature than the candidates that ran for office and lost. Something to ponder!

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What a shocking display of immaturity? Is this a new form of governance? Is shouting out and interrupting the emerging leadership style? Will behavior which we discourage our children from doing now be allowed with our adults?

This week, President Biden presented his State of Union speech to the assembled joint session of Congress. Before too long, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene jumped to her feet to heckle the President by yelling ‘liar”. I have never seen such level of disrespect in the chambers of government. It seems that we have arrived at a new era. Republican Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders is right in making the distinction between ‘normal and crazy’ in her rebuttal. This is crazy and unacceptable behavior that has no place in our country. It is so crazy that even FOXNEWS.COM reported that the Republican Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy was unsuccessful in his several attempts to shush loudmouth members. McCarty’s pleas that he wanted his caucus to behave, were ignored.

There is a more civilized format and time to express disagreements. What ever happened to meetings held in offices away from the public and from media. I fully agree with FOXNEWS.COM, “…no matter how strongly you feel, let the president finish his speech out of respect for the office. Then you can spend the next 23 hours bashing him.” Something to ponder!

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