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“You Can’t Make This Up!”

Two important developments that will likely impact future election cycles. First, former President Trump retained the Berkeley Research Group to investigate and prove that it was massive election fraud that caused him to lose the presidential election in 2020. After completing their research work, the firm reported back to the former President and his team that they had carefully looked at every possible scenario for massive voter fraud and found nothing.

The second development was the interesting fair election idea proposed by Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for Governor of Arizona. Lake has repeatedly denied the results of the election, which she lost to the democrat Katie Hobbs. Kari Lake suggests that, “…the ranks of Congress, the Senate, I think a White House, I think all the state governorships would be Republican if elections were fair”. It seems that Lake’s idea of a fair election is one where only Republicans win. Lake is proposing a new form of democracy where election outcomes are pre-determined by the election system before any votes are cast.

Being a loser might be difficult for some to accept, but it our form of government, the will of the people is supposed to determine who governs. It is clear that even with intentional voter suppression efforts nationwide, the American voters is much more mature than the candidates that ran for office and lost. Something to ponder!

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