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Why the push capital punishment?

The Trump administration is pushing hard in its final days for the execution of five convicted individuals. Four black men and one mentally challenged woman are planned to be killed before January 20, 2021. Reports indicate that some have not exhausted all legal options as is normally afforded to those facing capital punishment. This is appalling even to the most liberally minded Christian.

I am against capital punishment because it hinders the miraculous redemptive and transformative power of the gospel for the condemned. If Christians are truly pro-life, then we need to advocate for mercy for individuals sentenced to death, regardless of the grossness of the crime committed. When Christians allow this, we plunge into that same pit of criminality. President Trump has already granted pardons to convicted federal criminals that have confessed to lying to Congress under oath, why not then extend clemency to these five individuals? They too are made in the image and likeness of God. Is this some display of depraved wickedness? Those who remain silent or look away are complicit!

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