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Who Is Responsible?

Today the US coronavirus death toll passed 250,000 dead. Had there been a formalized national approach, how many lives could have been saved? If instead of false predictions that we have reached a curve, why didn’t scientific facts prevail? With almost three months from the presidential election to the inauguration, why has our President focused on improving his golf swing and not on addressing the public health crisis? Who is responsible for the empty chair at the Thanksgiving table? The unclaimed gift left under the Christmas tree? One less family member that will not hear “Happy New Year” on January 1st? What say you, Mr. President? What say you, America? True pro-life, cares for all of mankind from conception to the grave. The blood of too many souls cries out from 6 feet under.

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Nov 19, 2020



Nov 19, 2020

I agree with you and thinking of how many family members will not be with their family just makes me cry.

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