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In the November 2020 election, former President Trump received over 70 million votes. Although this is the largest amount that any losing candidate has ever received in American history, it is impressive nonetheless. On the other side, President Biden received over 80 million votes taking him over the top to win the Presidency. He got the highest margin of votes of any candidate seeking national office. These results clearly show that a voting constituency has the power to determine who fills elected seats throughout our nation. During the second Senate Impeachment trial, many were looking for a conviction of Trump and to legally bar him from ever holding elected office as punishment for his crimes. Because impeachment is not technically a trial but rather a political exercise, neither of these were achieved. However, the final word on who wins or loses an election, rests fully on a voting constituency. Robust voting can even influence the Electoral College and determine the results of the general election. It is vitally important to remember this in 2024 and the subsequent election cycles. Regardless of political inclination, you don’t have to wait on elected officials to do what is ethical. They have consistently shown in like situations that they are not capable of anything honorable. Their dramatic theatrics, hypocritical duplicity, spinelessness, and undetectable moral compass renders them irrelevant. By voting, Americans can bypass political posturing and constitutionally determine the future course of America.

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