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“Election Day & Beyond”

November 3, 2020

I woke up this morning thinking of 911. I don’t know why, but I guess it was the parallel of how that fateful day shook our nation and how this historic election will do the same. I perused social media posts enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee while reading several inspiring prayers. One was from my wife who had posted a prayer just a few hours earlier. She interceded for the protection of all voters, the cancelation of any scheme to intimidate them, that the church be united to become an instrument of peace, and an appeal for the powerful help of the Holy Spirit. I bowed my head and prayed in agreement. I was so encouraged to read similar prayers from other precious Christians who were seeking God on this important day.

Then sadly, I came across the post of a seasoned pastor who posted a lengthy notice attempting a last-minute effort to convince people to vote for his choice because it was the Christian thing to do. My sadness was not in who he favored; it was in what seemed to me a clear display of not trust God. In the closing of the post, he stated that he would ignore any reply postings. Unlike the saints mentioned previously, this dear pastor did not even include a prayer, just a list of reasons to ‘do the right thing’. The posts of humble brethren, some without ecclesial titles, demonstrated more balance. So sad!

It took me a few minutes to cast my vote. It was safe and easy. I could not help but think of the many that endured great difficulty to vote early and even those casting their votes today. I admit that my situation is a bubble in the middle of the challenging national voting landscape. I felt safe and secure while far too many have had to go through the opposite.

So, what do we do now? First, I think that we must patiently wait until all legitimate votes are counted. Just like in 2016 and every national election prior, this will take time. The final results will NOT be known by midnight tonight; it will take days, weeks and maybe longer. Second, we must accept the final results of the election. Third, we must expect a smooth transition; if a re-election is not the will of the people, we must accept it; if four more years are granted, we must accept it. Anything else will deeply harm our nation, and hurt our Christian witness. And finally, we must move intentionally to heal the Church before we try to heal the nation. The community of faith has never been so tattered and divided. Wounded healers need to be treated first before attempting to heal anyone.

Dear Lord, we humbly come to you for divine guidance in how best to move forward. Cover all people with your protection as they travel to and from voting locations. Interrupt and cancel any attempts of civil unrest. The church of Jesus Christ will prevail and emerge victorious from this difficult season. That we may unite behind whomever you allow to lead us. Help us to trust You implicitly. May the Holy Spirit empower us to seek your peace in the city, state, nation and world. In Christ, amen.”

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