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"Counting the Ballots"

How is it that our country so proudly promotes unparalleled high technological achievements, yet we cannot count election ballots more effectively? How is it that we can transfer large sums of money via our smart devices, yet simple elementary addition baffles the most educated erudite? How is it that the chambers of our government are replete with impressive Ivy league resumes, yet it takes unending days and to determine the election? Our cars buzz when we wander away from the lane; our phones using GPS technology guide us to the most obscure addresses, yet we cannot count ballots. Is there something deviously sinister asunder? Is there an intentional apparatus operating away from the curious eye of the public that wants to manipulate the tally? It cannot be voter suppression, fraud or tampering because the citizenry has completed its duty to cast their vote. It is now the responsibility of our government to do its important constitutional function. This cannot be democracy at its best! Something to ponder!

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