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2022 Summer Book Recommendation

I just finished reading “How We Love Matters: A Call to Practice Relentless Racial Reconciliation” by Albert Tate. This is a timely and honest book which takes you to the threshold of social justice uncomfortableness, yet points you to the door of genuine and obtainable reconciliation. I highly recommend it. Below are just a few quotes:

“If we can love only those who are just like us, is that real love? Is it real compassion?”

“We cultivate our souls by cultivating our communities.”

“…our bodies remember and hold trauma even when our minds don’t process it…”

“…the biggest challenge to the multiethnic church…is how well we convince our white siblings to stay at the table to be stretched with us beyond their comfort zones.”

“Is that fair? Right? Is it even godly? Probably not. But it’s honest.”

“Whiteness isn’t white people. Whiteness is a standard held globally, but especially so in America.”

“White privilege does not mean your life hasn’t been hard. It just means your skin tone is not one of the things making it harder.”

“…our allegiance cannot be to our political party; it has to be exclusively and wholly to the lamb of God.”

“This nationalized, toxic version of Christianity, where the cross is wrapped up in the American flag, can bring us nothing good.”

“…love shouldn’t be cheap.”

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